Thursday, October 29, 2009

Say YES to Carrots.

---"The 'fight or flight' response does not apply equally to both sexes; rather, it most accurately characterizes the response of male animals under threat. The female response to non life-threatening stress has been characterized as 'tend-and-befriend'." B. McEwen

On the surface, this statement seems to state the men are inherently warriors while women are naturally gardeners. But, if you think about it, this author's argument is based on a comparison of apples and oranges not apples and apples. The threat that elicits a 'fight or flight' response from men is a life-threatening event whereas the McEwen clearly states that the 'tend-and-befriend' response only occurs when the threat is not life-threatening.

Oh academia, how I marvel at your mind tricks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Turkey Turkey Turkey!

Gobble gobble - yum!
Turkey, potatoes: at home
with family. Yesss!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I used to dream about saving the world. Now I just dream about the next holiday.

There is something seriously wrong with my furnace. Aside from the fact that it hasn't been producing anything but cold air since I turned the heat on and now my house is hovering around 10 degrees, it also makes this bizarre buzzing noise that fluctuates in volume, intensity, and duration. During the day - not a big deal. But at night... good grief!! The furnace itself is located in the bedroom and it definitely kept me up until 2am until I turned on the radio loudly (set to static) in order to drown out the noise.

Does anyone know how to fix something like this? I just can't find the loose part that's the culprit.

Girl: savage. Roar. Wonder.

Rolling hills through
harvest fields. 60 km
per hour on the bike!

Sweet. Wonderful. Amazing. Ride.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stop licking my eyeball, you sandpaper-tongued freak.

I think about strange things when I'm brushing my teeth. And I brush my teeth a lot, just ask Penguin. Toothbrushing time is the highlight of my day sometimes - and it's not pathetic! It's just that I get to think about whatever I want while brushing my teeth, whereas during the rest of my day, I have to concentrate on something else all the time. Free-thinking time is something I cherish.

Here are this afternoon's tooth-brushing thoughts:

A helpful mnemonic for medical crises (thanks Sara and WildMed!)...

#1 - I am number one.
#2 - What happened to you?
#3 - Don't get any on me!
#4 - Are there any more?
#5 - Dead or alive?

Neuro in a Nuthsell = Anaphylaxis

In the backcountry, a group of climbers set off to ascend a series of peaks. The pace is brisk and the terrain is difficult below the treeline in the valley. One of the climbers falls behind by noon on the first day. That morning, the slow climber had struggled to keep up with the group. They would arrive at each rest point just as the rest of the group was packing up to leave. The group tried to reassure the slow climber by saying, "c'mon, c'mon this part is easy!" but it didn't seem that way at all to someone who was exhausted.

Eventually, the group left the slow climber behind. It was almost a relief to the tired mountaineer who had been filled with anxiety over holding the group back and trying to push themselves beyond their limits to keep up. Now, the tired climber could rest when they wanted to. They could climb at a pace that allowed them to enjoy the scenery, the warm work of their muscles, and the quick, full breaths of clean mountain air.

Looking up, the slower climber could see their friends' silhouettes high up on the ridgeline, in full sun, and moving toward the first peak. The tired climber was not yet out of the valley's shadows and could only imagine what the view must be like from so high up. The climber did not envy the main group - the lone mountaineer knew that they would make the summit eventually. In the meantime, they were content to walk the wilderness alone.
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